October 18, 2014Food Allergen Management

From December 2014, the Food Information Regulations 2013 are in force. There is a requirement that food businesses, including catering and retail businesses handling open food, provide information to customers on the ingredients in the food that they serve. Specifically, businesses need to have a procedure in place to ensure that customers receive the correct information regarding food allergens, either in writing or orally. If customers are to be informed orally, businesses will need to tell the customer how they can find out this information.

Employees need to be aware of your policy on reducing the risk from food allergens and the procedures you have for managing the risk of cross contamination during the preparation and service of open food

We are now offering two food allergen courses to help food businesses with their Food Allergen Management;

a non accredited 3 hour Allergen Awareness course

HABC Level 3 Award in Food Allergen Management for Caterers (a one day course)

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