Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits, SFBB Help, improve your Hygiene Rating!

Whether it is a one-off “kitchen check” / food safety audit, or any other advice, please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. We offer, amongst other things:

  • Help and advice with setting up the Food Standards Agency`s Safer Food Better Business Pack (SFBB)
  • Help improving your Food Hygiene Rating!
  • The design and implementation of a HACCP based food safety management system
  • Quarterly / 6 monthly food safety audits
  • A one-off review of your Food Safety Management System
  • Training your staff on an internal HACCP course, specific to your HACCP system
  • A one-off  food safety audit of the kitchen, to give you an honest opinion of area`s with room for improvement, and a suggested action plan
  • Help correcting any issues arising from your food hygiene inspections








We can offer you a set price for a yearly service, including:

  • An intial pre audit of your premises & existing documentation
  • An initial meeting to discuss your requirements so we can provide you with the assistance you require, without paying for services you do not require
  • 2 Food Safety audits per year, with a follow up meeting to discuss the findings and agree an action plan
  • A yearly review of your current food safety management systems
  • An on-call service, to deal with any food hygiene related issues on your behalf (issues that require on site visits would incur a small additional cost to cover time at the premises, although most issues can normally be dealt with over the phone or by email)
  •  Two 6 monthly HACCP update training sessions for your staff (1 or 2 hours maximum, at a time to suit you, to minimize disruption to your business), to introduce haccp to your new employees, and keep your existing employees up to date

This is a free package for a small / medium caterer (pub, restaurant, takeaway, school, etc) – (SFBB – Safer Food Better Business), however we will discuss your requirements and agree the services to be provided that will benefit you the most.

Food Quality & Profit Margin Guidance

With a strong background in kitchen management, we also offer guidance on food wastage, profit margins & portion control, kitchen layout & speed of service, without cutting corners. We can work with you and help you:

  • reduce food wastage
  • improve portion control & consistancy
  • improve food quality
  • improve speed of service during peak periods

If this would be of use, we can arrange to come to your premises to discuss your requirements, at no cost to yourselves.

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