Level 1 Award in Induction to Food Safety in Manufacturing

This course is also available for Catering and Retail

This is an Induction level Food Safety in Manufacturing course, covering Personal Hygiene, Cleaning & Pests, Contamination, and Temperature Control

Do your employees have a good understanding of how to deal with food allergies in your business? We now offer an Allergy Awareness course, a 3 hour non accredited course covering common food allergens & reactions, how to prevent allergenic contamination, and communicating food allergens to customers; click here for more information

Level 1 Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing

Suitable for: new employee`s with no previous food manufacturing experience, food handlers only handling low risk / packaged foods,  warehouse staff and other people who are working in a food production area but not handling food

We also offer Level 2 Award in Food Safety for ManufacturingLevel 2 Award in HACCP in ManufacturingLevel 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing

Length of course: Half Day (3 hours + 30 minute multiple choice exam)

Accredited by: HABC (or CIEH if requested)

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If you run two courses on the same day, we can offer you a discount¹.( ie Level 1 Award in Food Safety from 9.00am – 12.00pm, Allergen Awareness from 1.00pm – 4.00pm)  Courses to choose from include Level 1 Induction to Safety in Food Premises, Level 1 Food Safety, Allergen AwarenessLevel 1 Health & Safety, Level 1 Fire Safety, Level 2 Manual Handling, and Level 2 COSHH . Please see offers for details.

¹ Only 1 offer per booking.


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