HACCP Awareness

This is a non accredited haccp awareness course aimed at new employees in a food business, as an introduction to HACCP. If you do not need an accredited qualification but need to train your staff, this option can save a considerable amount of money and may be adequaete as an induction level course before leading on to a Level 2 qualification. This course can be tailored to incorporate your internal policies (ie, CCP`s, monitoring procedures, illness reporting procedures etc).

Do your employees have a good understanding of how to deal with food allergies in your business? We now offer an Allergy Awareness course, a 3 hour non accredited course covering common food allergens & reactions, how to prevent allergenic contamination, and communicating food allergens to customers; click here for more information

HACCP Awareness

Suitable for: any employees who require an introduction to haccp, and need a general awareness of what HACCP is.

Length of course: 3 hour course

Accredited by: this course is non accredited but each candidate receive written confirmation of the subjects covered during the training, for your records as proof of trianing received. We offer a discount on the accredited Level 2 Award in HACCP, when booked within 6 months of running this course.

Please click here for prices, or if you complete our booking enquiry form we will provide you with a quote for your training within 24 hours.

Special Offer

If you book two awareness courses (allergen awarenessfood hygiene, health & safety, fire safety, coshh, nutrition, risk assessment or HACCP) to run on the same day (for example food hygiene from 9.00am – 12.00pm, then allergen awareness from 1.00pm – 4.00pm), we can offer you a discount of £50 off the total invoice.                 


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